Monday, April 16, 2012

The Istanbul Decision by David Hagberg

Nick Carter Killmaster #180

Agent N3 sets a trap for a KGB killer.
And is almost caught himself.

Cover by Sergio
AXE chief David Hawk has a brilliant plan to lure one of the agency's most dangerous enemies out of Russia, and into Nick Carter's hands. Nikolai Kobelev has been the diabolical foe in some of Nick Carter's most perilous cases and N3 has to stop him before he hatches another fiendish plot. With a dead ringer for Kobelev beautiful daughter as bait, it seems the KGB killer is as good as caught. Until the tables are suddenly turned, and Nick finds himself locked in a deadly struggle to save two gorgeous American espionage agents, and himself, from certain death.

Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Books
ISBN 441 37484
September 1983

Cover design is slightly changed as the numbering of the series is included. New cover artist by the name of Sergio. Archenemy Kobelev is back once again, making his third appearance.

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  1. The artist is possibly Sergio Giovine, who's done a long run of Slocum and Gunsmith covers.