Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Naked Countess Of Liechtenstein by John Colleton

Aimee, the beautiful and amorous countess of Liechtenstein, had many lovers.
Cover Photograph by Carl Kravats
There was Beauregard Benton, the free-wheeling American writer, who researched his own novels. And had reserved several chapters for Aimee.

And Carlotta, sensuous and liberated, a nubile playmate who played for keeps.

Cloris, whose committeemen to unrepressed film making was a voyeur's perfect pose.

And then there was Spagnola, for whom Aimee would do anything for.

Printing History
Written by Robert W Marks (1908-1993)

Simon and Shuster, Inc
Pocket Books
ISBN 671 80532
July 1976

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