Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Deep Cold Green by Carter Brown

She would have been a smash hit at the beach orgy,
But for that fatal swim.

Horwitz Edition
Al Wheeler gets in the swim of things at a real wild beach orgy with a guest list of curvaceous broads, corpses, and killers......

Robert McGinnis Cover
She was a real man killer:
Tall, Curvy, Pouting,
And sizzling with Sex!

Signet Photo Cover
And before Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler knew it, she had him thigh-high in trouble. Sucker for an identity switch to end all switches, fall guy in a way out California beach party. And number one target for a pack of gamblers who held a deck stacked totally in their favor and kept their guns pointed straight at Al......

Printing History
Written by Alan G. Yates

Horwitz Publications, Inc. Pty. Ltd.
 Horwitz Group Books Pty. Ltd.
Numbered Series #144 (1968)
Printed in Hong Kong

New American Library
Signet Books
D3623 November 1968
Y7288 (1976)

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