Monday, August 20, 2012

The Seth Papers by Frank Lauria

DR. Owen Orient
Psychic Detective
Marked for destruction by an unholy cult

The Psychic
Master of telepathic powers
eons more highly evolved than any on earth....
even those could not shield him!

The Mystic
Initiate of mysteries dating back to the 
dawn of time..even those could not protect him!

The Fugitive
Refusing to use his massive occult
gifts to further the political greed of nations they pursue him! From the Untied States, 
the CIA, and from Europe,
a bizarre neo-fascist cult possesses a mythical
secret weapon, an object more potent
than all of Orients skill.....

The Seth Papers
Dark legacy of Ancient
Egypt...with enough evil power
to destroy the world!

Printing History
Written by Frank Lauria 
copyright 1979

Ballantine Books
ISBN 345 27329
February 1979

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  1. The cover is initialed by Joseph Lombardero, who did Pyramid's mid-Sixties non-Fu Manchu Sax Rohmers and, later, a lot of the Longarm adult Western series.

    He painted the cover of the Ballantine Dr. Orient adventure Lady Sativa as well.