Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Real Boyd by Carter Brown

The doorbell rang around ten the next morning when Danny Boyd was finishing his second cup of coffee. He opened the door cautiously and looked  into the eyes of Captain Schell. It's a kind of unnerving thing to do at anytime of the day or night and Danny's breakfast skittered around his stomach in a kind of unhinged reaction.

"Explanations" he said.

"I don't need any, Captain" Danny said quickly. "Anything you do is absolutely okay with me. Anything!"

"From you," he said quietly. "Please don't be cute, Boyd, or I will kick you in the crotch then book you for assaulting a police officer."

Printing History
Written by Allen G Yates

Castle Books
Distributed by Horwitz Grahame Books Pty Ltd
ISBN 7255 1736
copyright 1984
by agreement with Universal Copyright Company (1959)

Printed by The Dominion Press
Hedge & Bell
Maryborough Victoria 3465

Danny Boyd's final appearance 


  1. Nice score - I've been looking for this one to complete my Boyd collection. If you've got a backup copy to sell or swap, let me know how to contact you by posting below.

  2. Sorry, I do not have another copy. I have been looking for this title for close to 20 years.

  3. The grail of Boyd books!

    I dig your blog. Thanks for making this info and these images availble! I found a copy of "The Dream is Deadly" in a used bookstore in the 80s when I was a teen, and got hooked on Carter Brown's Danny Boyd thrillers. I've tried Al Wheeler, Mavis Seidlitz, Rick Holman, etc., but they just don't send me. It's gotta be Boyd!

    Someday I'll find a copy of this elusive tome. Until I saw the copy pictured on your blog, I thought it might be a ghost title!

  4. The funny thing is that it's quite easy to find a french copy for around 5€ (7 USD). The title is "Faisans à foison" ("Abundance of Pheasants"...), a funny alliteration and "faisan" means "con man" in french slang.

  5. I finally copped a copy of this tantalizing tome. 20 bucks and worth every penny! Just finished reading it on the bus ride home from work this evening. A ripping yarn as they say, chockablock with the ol' Danny Boyd combo of tuff talk, pistol play and frantic lovemaking. It's not Tolstoy, but I got a real bang out of it. I wish someone like Tarantino would discover Carter Brown and make a series of Danny Boyd flicks - that would be a gas.