Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blue Limbo by Frank Lauria

The remarkable return of Dr. Owen Orient, Psychic Investigator
Technology and supernatural evil are wed
on an island of voodoo terror

Cover by Alan Chang

Evil Reigns From Washington To Montego Bay

Beneath the cool blue waters of the Caribbean, a telepathic experiment aboard an American nuclear submarine goes hideously awry....

A beautiful and gifted Obeah priestess is trapped between the unspeakable hells of the living and the living death......

A power-crazed government official joins forces with a fiendish and invincible voodoo master in an unholy alliance of military might and supernatural terror that could devastate the Earth.....

Scientist, Psychic Investigator, High Adept of Mystical Arts
For over a decade, the insidious forces of occult evil have been allowed to flourish and feed.

But now Dr Owen Orient has returned

Printing History
Written by Frank Lauria

Avon Books 
The Hearst Corporation
ISBN 380 76164
May 1991

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