Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hot As A Pistol by Gene Curry

Saddler was named temporary marshal, 
but he was a full-time lover

Frontier Justice
On his way south to Mexico, Jim Saddler met an old friend who needed help in the Arizona Territory. The next thing he knew he was marshal of a dying town. Hated and distrusted by the townspeople, Saddler thought he would have to work all day long to keep the town safe from a renegade Irish family and a corrupt politician, and all night long to keep himself safe from a pair of criminally beautiful women. Soon he found his troubles had only begun. For one of the beauties had run away from her murderous husband Peyton Ballard. An infamous Confederate guerrilla, Ballard meant to kill anyone who tried to stand between him and his wife. But Saddler had sworn to protect the innocent, and he would, no matter how many outlaws he had to gun down.

Printing History
Written by Peter McCurtin

Belmont Tower Books
Tower Publications Inc. 

Leisure Books
Dorchester Publishing Company
ISBN 8439-3037 (December 1990)

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