Saturday, October 13, 2012

Women's Camp by John Slater

The Australians planned a daring bid to rescue the nurses from cruelty and horror....

Fear walked with them!
No white woman was safe on the streets of Manila. For a few days the Red Cross Hospital was a haven of safety for the nursing staff. Then the Japanese moved in...and the terror stalked the wards as the nurses found themselves worse than prisoners. Slaves to the whims of the cruel invaders.

Three Australian airmen were determined to make a bid for freedom. They knew that escape from their swaggering, brutal captors would be dangerous in the extreme. It would be almost impossible for men accompanied by women. But how could they leave three attractive nurses to the mercy of the Japanese. Especially after what had happened?

Printing History
Written by Ray Slattery

Horwtiz Publications, Inc
John Slater Series #4 

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