Monday, November 12, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter Z

This week we end our journey through the Crime Fiction Alphabet. Letter Z is the end. Kerrie over at Mysteries In Paradise was kind enough to keep us moving right along in the right direction. For the Letter Z will no doubt be the one that for many of us cause the most problems.

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter Z is for.......Zelda by Carter Brown

Robert McGinnis Cover
As a sophisticated sex star she's a legend
As a sweet blackmailing schemer she's lethal!

She was Hollywood's goddess of love:
Excitingly alive
Five Men wanted her......dead.

The seductive star's sweet blackmailing scheme looked like being shot to pieces by one of her three ex-husbands. Till murder took a hand in her game. And Rick Holman, Hollywood's Mr. Fix-it, was elected to dispose of the corpse. Or take the killer's rap for Zelda.

To 10 million men Zelda Roxane was the supreme symbol of sophisticated sex. But to the general who masterminded a Latin American revolution, the ex-Nazi turned millionaire industrialist, the has-been producer about to pull the biggest deal of his life, the lecherous press agent whose advances she's scorned, Zelda meant disgrace...ruin...and death.

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

 Horwitz Publications, Inc
Numbered Series #96 (December 1961)
International Edition Series #32 (June 1963)
Double Carter Brown Edition Series #12A (1982)
w/The Wind-Up Doll

New American Library 
Signet Books
S2033 (December 1961)
D3430 (1968)
Double Carter Brown Edition AE1629 (July 1982)
w/The Wind-Up Doll

New English Library
Four Square Books
#659 (1962)

Cover by W Lapp
Middernacht Serie
Hoorn, Netherlands 

Hayakawa Pocket Mystery Book  
Honshu, Tokyo, Japan 

Alavus, Finland
Serie Noire  
Paris, France

This title was featured in April 2011 and September 2011

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  1. Scott - Oh, that's a great choice. And it sounds like a terrific noir< story, too.

  2. This one sounds good. And a great set of covers, as usual.