Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Assassin Convention by Joseph L Gilmore

On the Agenda: The Ultimate revenge!

George Gross Cover
Killmaster #204
Nick Carter "Killmaster" had never met a more deadly enemy. Nor a more beautiful one. Unknown to him, Raina's only mission in life was to avenge her father's death, by killing Nick in the most hideous fashion imaginable. At their appointed rendezvous in the Casbah of Tangier, Nick Carter realized he had walked into a trap. There was a recorded message in Raina's voice, revealing her group's plan to break into NATO computers and trigger a nuclear attack. As the time loudly ticked away, poisonous gas hissing through the vents, Nick knew the dreaded hour had arrived at last.....

Print History
Written by Joseph L Gilmore (1929-2005)

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Books
Published by arrangement with The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
ISBN 441 03211
September 1985

Raina first appeared in the title Strike Of The Hawk 
Strike Of The Hawk 

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