Monday, November 26, 2012

Tool Of The Trade by F.W. Paul

You too can be a wife-swapper while happily unmarried... That is if you're
The Man From S.T.U.D. #5

Bret Steele, the tireless and totally irresistible Man from S.T.U.D. had a new assignment and a new partner. The job: To infiltrate a ring of wife swapping clubs and get the goods on one Very Important Member. The partner: Paradise Jones, the Girl from W.I.L.L.I.N.G., who was gorgeous, stacked, uninhibited, and....well..willing.....

The average bachelor, of course, might encounter some difficulties joining the swappers. But Bret Steel isn't average. All he had to do was whistle, and he had almost more wives than he could handle. None of them legally, but all of them his in any and every other way the human mind can imagine....

There were other problems, naturally. Like a slightly embarrassing corpse to get rid of. Like scaling the walls of a luxury apartment building, clad only in his necktie. But Bret had his reputation to think of. And he came through with flying colors. And a fantastic new score.

Printing History
Written by Paul Warren Fairman (1916-1977)

Lancer Books, Inc
Lancer Books
73-811 (1969)

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