Friday, August 30, 2013

The New Avengers

The Return Of The Legendary British TV Cult Classic


Patrick Macnee (1922 - )
as John Steed

Joanna Lumley (1946 - )
as Purdey

Gareth Hunt (1942-2007)
as Mike Gambit

Steed is back...and he's brought two new friends

After debonair British agent John Steed was blasted into orbit with his companion Tara King at the end of "Bizarre" in 1969, the classic British TV show The Avengers finally came to an end after eight years of international success. Patrick MacNee agreed to return and revive the character of Steed. Now past retirement age, and sadly looking it, he really takes the role of the absent Mother, and acts more as a guiding influence than the man at the center of the action. Two younger characters were created in order to maintain the high action content of the show and keep the traditional sexual chemistry between the leads alive. Gareth Hunt was cast as the rugged and handsome Mike Gambit and Joanna Lumley took the role of Purdey. For  Only 26 episodes were made and broadcast in two batches over 1976 and 1977 and then the Avengers really were over for good. 

Series 1 (1976–1977)

Episode # Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
1-01 22 October 1976 "The Eagle's Nest" Peter Cushing, Derek Farr, Frank Gatliff, Trevor Baxter, Jerold Wells, Sydney Bromley, Peter Porteous
1-02 29 October 1976 "House of Cards" Peter Jeffrey, Mark Burns, Annette Andre, Jeremy Wilkin, Frank Thornton, Lyndon Brook, Derek Francis, Gordon Sterne, Anthony Bailey
1-03 5 November 1976 "The Last of the Cybernauts?" Robert Lang, Oscar Quitak, Basil Hoskins, Robert Gillespie, Gwen Taylor, Ray Armstrong, Martin Fisk
1-04 12 November 1976 "The Midas Touch" John Carson, Ronald Lacey, Ed Devereaux, Pik-Sen Lim, Geoffrey Bateman, Tim Condren, Chris Tranchell, David Swift
1-05 19 November 1976 "Cat Amongst the Pigeons" Vladek Sheybal, Basil Dignam, Paul Copley, Kevin Stoney, Hugh Walters, Brian Jackson, Gordon Rollings
1-06 26 November 1976 "Target" Keith Barron, Frederick Jaeger, Robert Beatty, Bruce Purchase, Roy Boyd, Deep Roy, John Paul, Malcolm Stoddard
1-07 3 December 1976 "To Catch a Rat" Ian Hendry, Barry Jackson, Edward Judd, Dallas Cavell, Jo Kendall
1-08 10 December 1976 "The Tale of the Big Why" Derek Waring, Jenny Runacre, Roy Marsden, George A. Cooper, Geoffrey Toone, Gary Waldhorn
1-09 17 December 1976 "Faces" David de Keyser, Edward Petherbridge, Richard Leech, Michael Sheard, Donald Hewlett, Neil Hallett, David Webb, J. G. Devlin
1–10 21 December 1976 "Gnaws" Julian Holloway, Peter Cellier, Jeremy Young, Patrick Malahide, W. Morgan Sheppard, Keith Marsh
1–11 7 January 1977 "Dirtier by the Dozen" John Castle, Shaun Curry, Alun Armstrong, Michael Barrington, Brian Croucher, Stephen Moore, John Forbes-Robertson, David Purcell
1–12 14 January 1977 "Sleeper" Keith Buckley, Sara Kestelman, Prentis Hancock, Mark Jones
1–13 21 January 1977 "Three-Handed Game" Stephen Greif, Tony Vogel, David Wood, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Annie Lambert, Hugh Morton, John Paul

Series 2 (1977)

Episode # Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
2-01 9 September 1977 "Dead Men Are Dangerous" Clive Revill, Gabrielle Drake, Trevor Adams, Roger Avon
2-02 16 September 1977 "Angels of Death" Dinsdale Landen, Terence Alexander, Michael Latimer, Caroline Munro, Pamela Stephenson, Anthony Bailey
2-03 23 September 1977 "Medium Rare" Jeremy Wilkin, Jon Finch, Neil Hallett, Sue Holderness, Maurice O'Connell
2-04 30 September 1977 "The Lion and the Unicorn" Maurice Marsac, Gerald Sim
2-05 7 October 1977 "Obsession" Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, Tommy Boyle, Roy Purcell
2-06 14 October 1977 "Trap" Terry Wood, Ferdy Mayne, Robert Rietti, Stuart Damon, Larry Lamb, Bruce Boa, Kristopher Kum
2-07 21 October 1977 "Hostage" William Franklyn, Simon Oates, Michael Culver, Anna Palk, Richard Ireson, Barry Stanton, George Lane Cooper
2-08 28 October 1977 "K Is for Kill Part One: The Tiger Awakes" Pierre Vernier, Maurice Marsac, Diana Rigg (archival footage), Kenneth Watson, Tony Then
2-09 4 November 1977 "K Is for Kill Part Two: Tiger by the Tail" Pierre Vernier, Maurice Marsac, Kenneth Watson, Tony Then
2–10 11 November 1977 "Complex" Cec Linder, Harvey Atkin
2–11 18 November 1977 "Forward Base" Jack Creley, Marilyn Lightstone, Maurice Good, David Calderisi
2–12 25 November 1977 "The Gladiators" Louis Zorich
2–13 17 December 1977 "Emily" Jane Mallett
"K is for Kill" is titled "The Dragon Awakes"("Der Drache erwacht") in Germany and "The Long Sleep"("Le Long Sommiel") in France.

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