Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Vanishers by Donald Hamilton

When prominent people disappear without a trace, there's only one man to call. Matt Helm

Norseland Intrigue
The disappearances are baffling. The victim rate is mounting. And the next likely target is Mac, the wily old spymaster an Matt Helm's boss. Only Matt can stop the dirty work of the Vanishers. Matt follows the trail of two women, both treacherous and beautiful, to chilly Scandinavia, ancestral home of the Helm clan. Facing a coup from within the agency and a terrorist threat from without, Matt may well join his ancestors sooner than he had hoped.

Printing History
Written by Donald Hamilton (1916-2006)


Random House, Inc
Ballantine Books
Fawcett Gold Medal Books

ISBN 449 12967

August 1986

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