Friday, November 15, 2013

Blonde Bad and Beautiful (Revised) by Carter Brown

She wanted that underwater million dollars.
So did a corpse.

The guy had just made Andy Kane a proposition worth one million dollars when he dropped dead at Andy's feet. The proposition? Skin dive for a million dollars planted in Kwan-Po Bay. Funny thing, though, a dame had made that proposition two hours before. Now the way Andy figured it, a woman is a question mark but a cadaver is definitely a full stop. So the dame and Andy found a partnership. But that was where the Brothers of the Golden Lily took a hand and Andy guessed they were all brothers under the skin. But Andy drew the line at a brother who wanted to carve his initials on his backbone the hard way. Starting stomach-wise and working through.....

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)
Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #47 (September 1957)
Reprinted By Demand Series #21 (July 1960)

as The Hong Kong Caper

Horwitz Publications Inc.
International Edition Series #24 (October 1962)
International Edition Series #71 (1971)

Robert McGinnis Cover

New American Library
Signet Books
#2180 (September 1962)
#2180 (September 1962)  Canada
#3151 (1968)

as Hot Blonde From Hong Kong
For Men Only Magazine
June 1965

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Blond, Bad, And Beautiful December 2010
For Men Only March 2011
Hong Kong Caper March 2012


  1. Amazing what people will do if a million dollars is at stake...

  2. Thanks for sharing. I bet my grandpa would have loved to own those!
    -Warwick Exotic Dancers

  3. There are some lovely covers there.