Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Poseidon Target by Jack Canon

Nick Carter's Bloody Bid For a High-Tech Treasure

Killmaster #232

Renegade scientists have developed an all-seeing sub detector. And suddenly the delicate balance of world military power is up for grabs. Torn in a deadly power play of cross and double-cross, the two inventors first turn on their countries, and then each other. Ansel Moultron, an engineering madman, has the device. And Pletov, a gifted scientist with a taste for money and power, wants it. Either way, it's up for sale to the highest bidder. Only Nick Carter can prevent an international auction for control of the oceans. He must steal the device, hidden in the heart of Asia's underground empire and guarded by the loyal minions of a Far East crimelord......

Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Berkley Publishing Group
Jove Books
Published by arrangement with The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
ISBN 515 09324
December 1987

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