Saturday, November 30, 2013

Interjecting Valerie (Or, Legs Across The Sea) by John Colleton

For Bill Benton, Every Women Possessed Perfection

The delightfully wicked Amy, a voluptuous Southern deb whose sensuality was always winking from within her.

Lady Cloris, the titled treasure with an unquenchable thirst and insatiable hunger for more, for bigger, for better.

Melissa.....bellissima', the tauntingly shy, magnificently agile Italian Madonna, always ready and able for games of sport or chance.

And the lusciously outrageous Valerie, a rising opera constellation whose amazing virtuosity needs no back-up band.

All a cornucopia of pleasure to savor forever........

Interjecting Valerie is the fourteenth and final book of the Cloris and Amy sequence written by Robert W Marks under the pseudonym of John Colleton. It has a rather different air surrounding it compared with the earlier books, Uniquely, it makes many back-references to events and characters in the earlier books, and it even refers directly to some of these novels. It is here attributed to the book's narrator, Bill Benton. In this way, the book manages to tie up a few loose ends, although the plot is thereby made rather more meandering than usual. 'Valerie' here follows the general pattern of the series; she is a pulchritudinous actress to whom the screenwriter Bill Benton is directed for the twin purposes of her seduction and inveiglement into one of Cloris' movies. In this book, the two ends are very closely related, in that the resulting movie is apparently an explicit exposition of events in Benton's amorous exploits with the several women, including Melissa and the feminist politician Spagnola, who were introduced earlier. As Colleton's Cloris/Amy sequence has evolved, the machinations needed for Bill to achieve these two related ends can be observed to become increasingly protracted. Here, Benton's prowess in bed is reinforced prosthetically, to the considerable delight and admiration of his partners.

Printing History
written by Robert W Marks (1908-1993)

New American Library 
Signet Books
copyright 1986
January 1987
ISBN 451 14648

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