Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 USA Fiction Challenge: Delaware

Welcome back to the 2014 USA Fiction Challenge. Last time we left off with the District of Columbia.  So the next stop is our second state of Delaware.

She'll Never Know
by Hunter Morgan

Afraid To Forget
Terrified To Remember

What You Can't Remember Can Kill You

A victim of amnesia, Jillian Deere only knows that she was left by an unidentified man at a North Carolina hospital with a gunshot wound to her neck. But she has the strangest feeling she belongs elsewhere. Something is drawing her to the small Delaware town of Albany Beach - a town caught in the grip of a seemingly unstoppable serial killer. The victims have all been blonde and blue-eyed, just like Jillian. One by one, they've disappeared from the beach town's quiet cottages and wind-swept streets, only to be found horribly murdered. Jillian can't imagine why she remembers Albany Beach or what it means. The only person she can turn to for help is lifeguard Ty Addison. Despite the almost ten-year difference in their ages, Jillian finds herself falling for his beach-bum good looks. And then the first memory flashes to horrifying life. Haunted by her tragic past, unsure of whom to trust, Jillian is desperate to uncover the truth about her identity before it's too late. For someone is watching Jillian from out there in the dark. Someone who knows exactly who she is...his next victim.

Printing History
Written by Hunter Morgan

Zebra Books
August  2004
ISBN 821 77685

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  1. I used to live and work in Delaware, Scott - thanks for the reminder. :-)