Saturday, April 5, 2014

Eye Of The Needle by Ken Follett

Eye Of The Needle
Written by Ken Follett

A German spy in England during World War II who discovers vital information about the upcoming D-Day invasion. In his attempt to return to Germany with the information, he travels to the isolated Storm Island off the coast of Scotland to meet up with a U-boat, but his plans are thwarted by a young woman and her paralyzed husband.

Printing History
Written by Ken Follett (1949- )

as Storm Island

as Eye of the Needle 

Film (1981)

Directed by Richard Marquand


Donald Sutherland as Henry Faber
Kate Nelligan as Lucy Rose
Stephen MacKenna as Lieutenant
Christopher Cazenove as David Rose
Philip Martin Brown as Billy Parkin
George Belbin as Lucy's Father
Faith Brook as Lucy's Mother

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