Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blind Alley by Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan is asked to reconstruct the identity of a young Jane Doe, her face left unrecognizable. 
But who ever killed her wasn't just trying to hide her identity.

Her job is to put a face on the victims of violent crimes. But as forensic sculptor Eve Duncan works on the skull of a newly discovered victim, she's about to get the shock of her life. The murdered Jane Doe's face has been erased beyond recognition. But whoever killed her wasn't trying to hide her identity. The plan is far more horrifying. For as Eve's skilled hands reveal the murdered girl's face, she recognizes someone she knows all too well. Someone who isn't dead. Yet. To stop this twisted psychopath, Eve must put her own life in the balance. But that's not the worst of it  when her adopted daughter Jane reveals a bizarre connection to the case, Eve can't stop her from joining the hunt for the killer. A hunt that will lead to a terrifying confrontation

Printing History
Written by Iris Johansen (1938-)

Bantam Dell
Random House Inc
 September 2004
ISBN 553-58650


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