Saturday, June 7, 2014

In Search of Mattie Hackett by Emeric W. Spooner

In Search of Mattie Hackett: A True Maine Unsolved Murder Mystery
by Emeric W. Spooner

Maine is well known for its murder mysteries. Most have heard of Sarah Ware, others who read true crime; know of the Smuttynose Island Murders. In 1905, after both of these cases from Maine, were but a memory, another horrible murder occurred in a small town in Maine. Few have heard of the 17 year old Mattie Hackett from Readfield. In its day, it was compared to the biggest Unsolved Murder Cases Maine had ever seen. Papers all over the country, some as far away as California carried the story of what happened to poor Mattie Hackett one night in August 1905. This is the true account of the events surrounding the murder of Mattie Hackett. 
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 Emeric W. Spooner
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May 2010 
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