Thursday, June 19, 2014

Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949-1954)

Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949-1954)

Martin Kane, Private Eye began as radio series (1949-1952) airing on on the Mutual Broadcasting System, William Gargan was in the title role as N.Y. city private detective Martin Kane. When it moved to NBC Radio in July 1951, Lloyd Nolan took over the title role until mid-1952. Lee Tracy portrayed Kane for the remainder of the radio series, ending late December 1952.

Gargan, Nolan, Tracy, and Mark Stevens played the title role live television, airing on NBC Television Network from September 1949 until mid June 1954. The series was sponsored by United States Tobacco Company, which integrated commercials into the detective drama by having Martin Kane enter his favorite tobacco shop where he discussed pipe tobaccos and cigarettes with the tobacconist Happy McMann (layed by Walter Kinsella), before leaving to continue the mystery narrative. At the start and finish of the show, Kane was shown in shadow, lighting his pipe.

Comic Book
The series had a 1950 tie-in comic book, Martin Kane, Private Eye 

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  1. This is one of those old-style serials I'd love to have been able to hear/see.