Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Golden Serpent (Revised) by Manning Lee Stokes

A master plot to flood the U.S.economy with millions of counterfeit money

Take a Mexican political party that demands the territorial return of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

George Gross Cover
Add a Chinese paper factory exporting a fine engraver's five dollar portrait of Abe Lincoln.
Stir with a countess who's made a fortune in cosmetics and is running a strange little kingdom deep in the Mexican jungle.

Mix in the CIA and AXE, prickling each other's sensitivities while the nation and the highest men in government are stumped to stop the ruin of the American economy.

Suddenly the meeting between the CIA and Mr Hawk, the ingredients are mixed together into a little pill handed to Nick Carter. The instructions were very clear, straighten things out or swallow the deadly pill.

Printing History
 Written by Manning Lee Stokes (1911-1976)

1st Award Printing (A 216F ) 1967
2nd Award Printing (A 386X) 1968
3rd Award Printing (A 642X) 1970
4th Award Printing (A 929S) 1972
5th Award Printing (AN 1102) 1973
6th Award Printing (AN 1102) 1974
Mayflower Printing (2987-8) 1967
Mayflower Reprint (583 11411 3 2) 1969
Mayflower Reprint (583 11411 3 2) 1970 (2)
Mayflower Reprint (583 11411 3 3) 1974
Ace Charter Reprint (441 29736-6) August 1979

Bonus Covers

This title was originally published on November 16, 2010


  1. Those are quite some covers!

  2. Aha Nick ! My teenage sensation ! Still I feel that gamut !