Saturday, December 23, 2017

Lancer Double Trouble

Lancer Double Trouble

Joy House
by Day Keene 

He Was Hunted By The Cops
The Mob
And A Man Hungry Woman

Man On The Run 
A hunted man has nowhere to run, but Mark had to run, into the arms of a man hungry woman who offered him a haven of lust and greed.

City Of Sin
Milton K. Ozaki
The Story Of What Women And Greed Can Do To An American Town

A Town On The Loose
Pete brought his bride home to a city run riot with every conceivable corruption. She had a  honeymoon no decent girl ever dreamed of, in a town no honest man ever lived in.

Printing History
Lancer Books 
February 1956

Joy House
by Day Keene
1954 by Day Keene

City Of Sin
(Murder Honeymoon)
by Milton K Ozaki
1952 by Hanro Corp

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