Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Devil Wears Wings by Harry Whittington

The Devil Wears Wings

Buz Johnson belonged in the high living, hard drinking generation of World War II flyboys who inspired the saying "Show me a hero and I'll show you a bum." A dozen years after the war he was drinking his way to oblivion at a jerkwater Florida airport, teaching playboys and rich widows how to fly. He was deep in debt, his girl had walked out on him, and we was living from paycheck to paycheck, looking forward only to the next drink. Then Sid Coates came up with the bank caper, and he needed Buz to fly the getaway plane. Buz had a chance to reclaim his pride and make a bundle besides. All he had to do was get up his nerve and be willing to kill if it came to that. He figured he was as ready as he'd ever be.

Printing History
Harry Whittington (1915-1989) 

Abelard-Schuman Ltd

Black Lizard Books
October 1987
ISBN 88739-036

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