Friday, December 8, 2017

Sin Drunk by John Dexter

His Passion Pitch Made Society Wantons

Lust Sell......
and passion purveyor Pierre Drysdale, the Park Avenue interior decorator who spent more time on the client's bodies than he did on their wall. The lust merchant who pampered the idle monied wantons who needed a man and not an argument. And in Pierre there was never any argument, for the price war right and the women were ready, and he was the stud benefactor to their every wanton hunger. It was an easy sell, a sin harvest that would delight any conscienceless guy who was on the prowl for riches and witches. And each new mark on the avenue of passion tramps brought him a new way of sinning, a new method to sell his....
......Passion Product

Printing History
John Dexter

Midnight Reader
MR 478
March 1963

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