Monday, March 5, 2018

Backfire by Dan Marlowe

He Fell In Love With Another Cop's Wife
Then Had To Go Out And Find His Killer

Stakeout For A Killer
They were tough, ambitious cops, Marty Donovan and Tony Alfieri, a good precinct team. They agreed on most things except dames. Tony chased anything in skirts and Marty hated the look of  Lenore Alfieri's face every time her husband cheated. Hated it enough to fall in love with her himself. Then Lenore dreamed up the stakeout, the unauthorized stakeout to catch the murderous jewel who was baffling Headquarters. No one could tell that it would end with Tony bleeding his life away on the jewelry shop floor while his killer escaped. Marty was caught in a squeeze. HE had to build a cover of deceit and lies to protect Lenore and save his badge.

But the job seemed impossible. Somewhere in 
the city was a killer whose face he'd never seen. 
But the killer had seen his.....

Printing History
Written by Dan J Marlowe (1914-1986)

Berkley Medallion Books
G 575 
November 1961

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