Monday, March 12, 2018

Dressed To Kill by Milton Ozaki

Boy Meets Body

Cover by Walter Popp

The car was hot, and so was the blonde who drive it. A smart shamus like Rusty Forbes should have known better than to hole up with her in a tourist cabin. By the time that little picnic was over, he found himself custodian of a corpse and on the trail of enough loot to stock a department store. To bad for Rusty that some of Chicago's rougher citizens viewed the situation with alarm. It wasn't enough that the corpse brought the cops down on him. He also had to battle a horde of hoodlums. Fortunately, the hot blonde had a cool friend, even bigger and blonder. She gave Rusty, among other nice things, a tip on how to come out of the deal with a buck or two. Whereupon he quit being a fugitive for justice and dished it out instead, with the aid of his pet .38 equalizer!

Printing History
Written by Milton K Ozaki (1913-1989)

Graphic Books
January 1954

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