Saturday, March 17, 2018

Summer Of Sin by Orrie Hitt

Clem Evans learned that Nan was good for him.
Emily was easy for him.
Gloria was a challenge to him
Because she needed more than a man!

Summertime ..when the lovin' is easy
And nowhere was it easier than Playland Beach. When Clem Evans arrived on the hot sands, cute beauties in bathing suits threw themselves at him. In Particular there was Nan Gordon, who had her own perverse ideas of what a man should be, and do. And there was Emily, a sultry brunette, so generous that her favors covered the waterfront. There was Gloria Darnell, too, the blonde temptress who was a wholly new experience for him. Gloria was hard to please and impossible to trust, and the delights she gave Clem were only means to a dangerous end. In her embraces Clem was helpless, caught in an erotic web from which there seemed no escape........Until the night he opened the bedroom door and saw for himself to what depraved depths her lusts had driven her! 

Printing History
Written by Orrie Edwin Hitt (1916-1975)

Universal Publishing And Distributing Corp
Beacon Books

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