Monday, October 8, 2018

The Black Door by Cleve F Adams

A Hard-Boiled Detective Novel
The third time he saw her she was dead, which set his head spinning. And it didn't stop until he'd run head-on into the Mob, a nympho, and a girl who had more tricks than the original Eve. 

Hard To Handle
Getting the goods on Myrna Spain was the kind of job to handle with asbestos gloves. The first time big Jim Flagg saw her she was dressed in brief shorts and the tightest sweater in Los Angeles. She made a play for him but Jim was not buying. The last time Flagg saw Myrna she was dead. That set the big wheel spinning, and it did not stop until he had run head on into Pete the Greek's mob and a girl named Eve who had more tricks than the one who led Adam straight to Hell!

Printing History
Cleve Franklin Adams (1895-1949)

E. P. Dutton 
November 1941

Popular Library
1st Printing May 1952
2nd Printing November 1952
3rd Printing December 1952 (Canada)
4th Printing June 1953

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