Monday, October 29, 2018

The Homicidal Virgin by Brett Halliday

A desperate want ad draws Mike Shayne into a tangled murder plot

Robert McGinnis Cover
Lost Innocence
It started with a post in the classifieds. A woman calls for a red-blooded American, a soldier-of-fortune type willing to do anything if the price is right...even commit murder. This catches the eye of Tim Rourke, hotshot reporter, who passes it on to Mike Shayne, the legendary Miami detective. Rourke believes the ad was placed by a lonely housewife hoping to pay someone to knock off her husband, and he thinks the story could be front-page news. He just needs someone willing to answer the call.....and Shayne has the reddest blood in Miami.

Shayne responds to the ad, and finds the situation far stranger than anything he and Rourke could have dreamed up. His new employer is sweet, young, and scared for her life. Plus, there’s $50,000 at stake—and a life on the line.

Printing History
 Davis Dresser (1904-1977)

Dell Publishing Company


November 1967
May 1972 

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