Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Housekeeper's Daughter by Donald Henderson Clarke

She was curvy and careless
And lived down the hall

He Wanted To Earn A College Degree
But She Wanted Passionate Love!
Although Hilda's noteworthy curves helped decide Robert Randall that where she stayed was where he wanted to be, his main thought was to use his spare time writing a paper for a college degree. So he rented the home of the Reverend Mr Maxon, where the housekeeper and her luscious daughter, Hilda, lived also. The Reverend went on vacation, Robert ,moved in, and Hilda promptly fell in love with him. Robert settled down to work on his writing, of course. Hilda settled down to business too, working on Robert. Because of Hilda, several of Robert's friends, and an assignment he got to report on the murder of a nude lady in New Jersey, Robert did not accomplish much towards earning his degree. But what he and the others did accomplish in the outraged Reverend's house will keep a chuckle in one's throat and a glint in one's eye through the end!

Printing History
Written by Donald Henderson Clarke (1887-1958)

Printing History
The Vanguard Press, Inc
September 1938

Avon Publishing Co, Inc
Avon Books


The Film
Directed and Produced by Hal Roach

Joan Bennett
Adolphe Menjou
John Hubbard


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