Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Sin And The Flesh by Lloyd S Thompson

His Twisted Hatred Ripped Apart The Whole City

Original Title: Hear Not My Step

In the dead of the night the girl came hurrying out of the hotel. The man in the shadows watched her, thinking, it's too bad she can't mind her own business. It's too bad she knows what she does. It's too bad for her. He could have liked this girl, this soft, yielding woman with the ripe mouth, the hungry eyes. But he couldn't let that stop him, not when he'd spent years building his plan. He had destroyed others when they got in his way, and now this girl.....she was coming closer....she was almost within arm's reach....she.....

Printing History
Written by Lloyd S Thompson

Abelard Press
(Hear Not My Step)

Lion Books
Lion Library
September 1954

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