Saturday, December 8, 2018

Your Money And Your Wife by Ritchie Perry

The KGB Kidnapped The Wife Of The Best Operative In British Intelligence.
Now, They Wanted Him....

Cover by Anthony Loew
A Smuggler Turned Secret Agent
Whether Courting Danger or Women, He's as villainous as he is seductive
Philis had been married less than a week when he heard is wife's screams coming from the honeymoon cottage. Three brutal men in a white Saab were making a hasty getaway as Olga struggled in vain to get free. It didn't take British Intelligence long to realize who was behind the kidnapping after a KGB colonel made Philis an offer that he didn't want but couldn't refuse. Now Philis had to find a way to get his wife back, without betraying everything he's ever worked for...

Printing History
Written by Ritchie Perry (1942- ) 

Harper Collins (UK)
May 1975

Houghton Mifflin Co

ISBN 345-29060
November 1981

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