Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crime of Passion by Kay Hooper

Wealth and Power breed dark desires.... And sometimes, murder.

Lane Montana is a finder of lost objects, misplaced jewelry, missing heirlooms, even people occasionally. But when a summons on her answering machine sends Lane to the home of wealthy Jeffrey Townsend, the able locator finds something she was definitely not looking for. A corpse with a knife in it's chest. Someone murdered Atlanta's richest, most powerful citizen. Then erased Lane's message tape to make the bewildered sleuth the most likely suspect. The police, with the exception of Lieutenant Trey Fortier, are all too eager to brand her a killer. Now, to clear her name, Lane must sift through the debris of Townsend's sordid life, and uncover an ugly, dangerous secret she would be well advised to leave hidden.

Printing History
Avon Books
ISBN 380-76197
February 1991

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