Friday, March 9, 2012

The Greek Summit by Robert Randisi

An American scientist becomes the target of an unknown killer.
And Nick Carter must protect him, with his own life!

George Gross Cover
 From the moment David Hawk tell Nick Carter that he has a nice easy one for him, Nick expects the worst, and gets it. Yet he had to admit the assignment did seem unusually easy. In the role of private investigator, play bodyguard to an American scientist attending an international summit meeting of scientists from all over the world. But from the moment Nick Carter "Killmaster" arrives in Athens, vicious attempts are made on the lives of the scientist and his beautiful wife. And then suddenly the worst occurs to Nick. Could the United States government be setting up their most celebrated scintillate to be killed?

Printing History
Written by Robert Randisi

Charter Books
441 30272
February 1983

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