Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Secret Mission: Tibet by Don Smith

Assignment #6
Destroy Chinese death ray wrecking U.S. and Russian space ships. Sherman's only ally is the American traitor who built the weapon for Red China!

Award Edition
In an ancient Buddhist monastry, high in the Himalayas, a Chinese scientist named Dr Liu Chung-lin operates a lethal laser beam that is destroying both American and Russian manned space flights. But the monastry houses more than the incredible death ray. The captives within the walls include an unrepentant ex-Nazi, a traitorous American scientist, and a beautiful blonde Eurasian. The CIA thought that Phil Sherman was a a match for the combined treachery of all three. Sherman was a lot less sure, but he was the only available expert around, and time was running out.

Tandem Edition
General von Kruger: His trade was violence and he perfected his craft under the savage tutelage of the Nazis. He would need all his cunning brutality to make his last, his biggest, coup succeed.

Suway: In the past she had given her body for love, for amusement, for barter. Now she was selling herself in a desperate bid to stay alive.

Dr Rogers: His game was money. He had betrayed America to her deadliest enemy, Red China, now he was ready to sell out his Peking masters if the price, in dollars was right.

So Phil Sherman plunged into a living nightmare, tracking down a deadly laser beam in the remote wildness of the Himalayas...

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Published by Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Books 
A522X (1969)

Tandem Books
 426 5856 (1971)

This title was published in the UK as #4 in the Secret Mission series.

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