Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Outback Ghosts by Robert E Vardeman

The Australian desert harbors a deadly enemy.
Nick's mission: Find and destroy!

George Gross Cover
Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" is anxious to test his new desert warfare training when a mission to the Australian Outback offers him the perfect chance. A Russian radar base is hidden somewhere in the cast desert, and it's Nick's job to track it down and eliminate it. Led by beautiful anthropologist Daniela Rhys-Smith, Nick's target is a lonely sheep station deep in the aboriginal wilderness. But when a suspicious plane crash leaves them stranded miles into the barren desert without food or shelter, Nick realizes that he has more to worry about than the aborigines or the KGB. Someone very unexpected and very dangerous, is out to make sure Nick Carter does not get out of this mission alive!

Printing History
Written by Robert E Vardeman

Charter Books
March 1983
441 64433

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