Monday, June 18, 2012

Disco Death Beat by Michael Geller

A disco doll disappears, and the deadly beat goes on!

Murder Vibes

Jerry Bosen had two reasons for sending Lieutenant Bud Dugan the gold embossed invitation to his club "Arrow", the hottest disco on the east coast. The first was to catch up on the years since he and Dugan had been pals. The second was to catch the creep who was tailing his girl. "Arrow" had made Jerry a near fortune, and he had since plunged into the talent end of the business, landing a huge recording contract for his protege and girlfriend, Margot Barrie.And now, Margot was living in terror. Bud Dugan agreed to do what he could to shake the guy off Margot, but Margot had vanished. Bud soon found himself swinging in the pulsating neon frenzy to the disco world, electrified with murder!

Bud Dugan #3
Printing History
Written by Michael Geller

Tower Publications, Inc
Tower Books
ISBN 505-51596

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