Thursday, June 28, 2012

Murder On Wheels by Valerie Frankel

It's full throttle attraction
and Wanda's one tough P.I. who's ready to roll

Tom McKeveny Cover

Death Pops A Wheelie!
Sparks fly when Wanda Mallory, proprietress of Times Square's Do It Right Detective Agency, meets the heated glaze of Strom Bismark, leader of New York City's notorious biker gang, Blood & Iron.

Still smarting from another romantic disaster, Wanda impulsively takes on the smoldering Strom as a client. someone has ripped off a bundle of cash from his East Village social club/casino, and the case gets as hot as a biker's muffler when a corpse is discovered in Strom's office. Flush Royale, a sexy blackjack dealer, has been fatal bashed with a frozen salami. Wanda goes undercover and out of breath in Flush's skintight mini and leather bustier, spinning a roulette wheel in Strom's illegal casino. With her estranged lover and sidekick Alex Beaudine, she's tangling with biker brutes, a finger breaking loan shark, and finally with Flush's killer, who's revving up to send Wanda on a one-way trip down the Highway to Hell.

Printing History
Written by Valerie Frankel

Simon & Shuster, Inc
Pocket Books
ISBN 671 73195
March 1992

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