Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trigger Pull by Paul Malone

Sudden death is a way of life at the Drug Enforcement Administration, in an endless full-frontal assault on America's toughest war: drugs. For Miami-based maverick Jack Fowler, it's a war he will fight to the end. In a world where trust is a dirty word. Where the seductive lure of power and money can turn good guys into bad apples. And where success means more than winning indictments. It means staying alive.

A narc's murder puts Fowler on a one-man vengeance trail of Miami cops on the take and Bahamian kingpin. Stalked by Colombian gunmen and a hit team of Metro-Dade's finest, Fowler brings the players together in a win or lose game where survival depends on the pull of a trigger.

Agents #1

Printing History
Written by Mike Newton

Worldwide Library
Gold Eagle Books
ISBN 373-63801
May 1991

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