Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goddess Gone Bad by Carter Brown

Murder locked away four million dollars and the key was a................

Horwitz Edition

Max Dumas saw the dame first, but Benny insisted they toss, so Max flipped the coin and landed him a seat next to her, and a pack of trouble any gambler would be ashamed to admit to. By the law of averages the brunette should have looked Max up when they landed at Begota. But how could she? She was dead? It was time for Benny and Max to skip, but the ebony carving with the map inside intrigued Max. Seems it did others. They slipped in, like a Micky Finn, and even left a memento of their visit, a corpse in the closet. Then the dead women's sister, a dame whose statistics were more interesting than any competitor's figure, offered  them a proposition. Find the lost Inca city and they would be millionaires. Benny and Max flew to Malo and found the treasure. But they had not gambled on being double-crossed by a dame, whose pay-off was a promise that maybe in a hundred years some would discover their bones!

Printing History

Horwitz Publications, Inc.
Numbered Series #69

Max Dumas appears in two other titles:
Luck Was No Lady
Deadly Miss

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