Thursday, November 29, 2012

West of Jerusalem by Gerard de Villiers

International Secret Agent Extraordinary

West of Jerusalem

Malko Linge
A very unusual name. A very unusual man, in many ways. A man of royal blood, an aristocrat, if you like, from Austria. Handsome, too, as numerous women will eagerly admit. But quite capable of violence, as few remaining enemies will testify. So what does this dashing new hero do?

He is one of the CIA's most daring and effective special agents. Not a regular employee, mind you, but most assuredly a well-paid specialist. Malko gets the impossible missions, the dirty jobs, the secret operations that demand the coolness of a million-dollar caper, the finality of a commando hit.
In this first adventure we meet Malko as he learns that a top CIA official has leaped to his death from a Washington building. Why? The only clue is a grisly one, a little girl's finger. He has seven days to get the answers. 

Printing History
Written by Gerard de Villiers (1929-)

First published in French by Libririe Plon 1967

Translated from French by Graham Snell

New English Library 1969

Former title
S.A.S.West Of Jerusalem

Pinnacle Books, Inc.
August 1973