Monday, March 25, 2013

Death Is My Lover by Stuart Brock

Death Is My Lover

Rourke peered into the lighted hall, and the sound came again. Louder this time, rising to a crescendo and breaking suddenly into nothingness. He was motionless for only an instant. The last shreds of sound still hung on the air as he raced up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Somewhere above Maudie had called his name. She careened into the hall as he reached the top, bursting through the door of a lighted bedroom. She fell against him and her face worked grotesquely. She began to sob and clung to Rourke with sudden fierceness. "In there," she gasped. She buried her face against his shoulder, her body shaking. After a moment she lifted her head. "She's dead," Maudie whispered dully.

Printing History
Written by Louis Trimble (1917-1988)

Peter Haddock Ltd
Bridlington, England
No Date

Produced in Israel by
Bridbooks Publishers

Originally published by
M. S. Mill Company.

Readers Choice Library

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