Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Cyclops Conspiracy by Dennis Lynds

Agent N3 in the crossfire of a military takeover!

George Gross Cover
 Nick Carter Killmaster #213
A savage military takeover is threatening the small African nation of Togo. Inside connections say it's the dirty work of the KGB. AXE intelligence says it's a job for Nick Carter. En route to the African coast, Nick is not alone as armed troops are poised on the Togo frontier. Are the Soviets actually involved? Washington thinks not. But temperatures are rising, the military is reaching the boiling point and Nick Carter is in for a few deadly surprises....

Print History
Written by Dennis Lynds (1924-2005)

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Books
Published by arrangement with The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
ISBN 441 57282
May 1986

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