Saturday, March 23, 2013

Death Stalk In Spain by Don Smith

A High-Voltage Thriller That Has Everything

 A Nazi U-Boat with a killer torpedo,
a secret cargo of stolen gold,
the CIA on a vengeance mission!

On a dark night during the last bloody months of World War II, a Nazi U-boat torpedoed an enemy ship, killing all those aboard. Only a small, select group knew that the cargo ship secretly carried ten tons of gold. When it sank, a fortune was hidden beneath the waves. Decades after World War II ended, the men came to collect the gold. The first victim of the hunt was a U.S. Navy officer named Taylor. Spanish fisherman found his bloated body in the sea. If Taylor had merely drowned, the CIA might never have taken notice. But there was a neat bullet hole to show otherwise. So Phil Sherman was put on the job. To hunt down Taylor's killer, and anyone else who might be involved.

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Universal-Award House Inc
Award Books
First Printing AN 1040 (November 1972)
Second Printing AN 1040 ( September 1974)

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