Monday, March 4, 2013

Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers by Lee Server

The essential guide to more than 200 pulp pioneers and mass-market masters

Cover by Semadar Megged
Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jacqueline Susann. Raymond Chandler and V.C. Andrews. Ian Fleming and Mario Puzo. Over the past 100 years, such writers have developed the genre of popular, or pulp fiction. From the early dime novels to contemporary mass-market paperbacks, pulp fiction has become a vital part of popular culture. Covering the spectrum of pop literature's greatest entertainers and artists, the multimillion best sellers and brand name authors, the inventors of modern genres (westerns, science fiction, romance, horror, private detectives, and erotica). Modern masters as well as overlooked fictioneers. 

  • Hal Ellison: King of paperbacks portraying juvenile delinquency
  • Rafael Sabatini: Swashbuckling specialist
  • Jim Thompson: Master of Noir
  • Gaston Leroux: Forgotten author of the original Phantom of the Opera 
  • Don Pendleton: Groundbreaking author of the Mafia battling Executioner
  • Leigh Brackett. The woman behind interplanetary adventure tales.
  • Carter Brown: The prolific works of Australian author Alan Geoffrey Yates
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by Lee Server 

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ISBN 8160 4578


  1. This looks very interesting. I always love mystery reference books and I have other books by this author.