Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bloodrun by Robert Kalish

Skipper Gould #1

Murder brought Skipper Gould to Bangkok.
Revenge brought him into a brutal game of international intrigue. 

Skipper Gould is a reporter for a small newspaper. For several years in the early to mid-60's, just out of college, Gould joined the Navy with the single minded intent to become a trained SEAL, becoming so just a few years after the formation of that elite force. He was one of the first to be stationed in Southeast Asia as America began its ramp-up of military action there. Gould and his fellow special forces sailors were attached to the ARVN, doing superbly any mission that came his way. Many of these missions were sponsored by and done with the CIA and usually meant hunting down and killing targets deep in the lush jungles. Then a face-to-face with an old man whose eyes just stared at him as Gould killed him changed that. He swore that he would never take another life and he quit. 

       Fifteen years later, having worked as a reporter for several news organization which included a long stint back in Thailand, Gould has managed to keep that promise. Now living in Maine and running a small weekly newspaper, happily married with a young daughter, he is quite content to keep things as they are. But life sometimes doesn't let you and he is drawn back into his old life.
News of his brother's death in Thailand hits Skipper Gould hard. The man had been an etymologist working for the U.N. So Gould is surprised upon arriving there to be in the middle of trouble involving the CIA, KGB, and big oil. All over mosquitoes.

Printing History
Written by Robert Kalish 

Avon Books
ISBN 380 88021

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