Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Rainy City by Earl Emerson

Finalist 1986 Shamus Award for Best Paperback.

When a pretty woman disappears, detective Thomas Black gets soaked in sex and scandal, with cold murder in the forecast.

Thomas Black is a bicycle riding, Seattle ex-cop who does investigating for lawyer Kathy Birchfield.
Kathy Birchfield urges Thomas to find a Melissa Nadisky. As he investigates, people who have information show up dead. Thomas' dog is killed and in the course of his house being burgled, Kathy is attacked. Melissa's husband is a hapless poet and her daughter has been abducted by her father. Someone doesn't want Thomas to succeed.

Printing History
Written by Earl W. Emerson (1948 -)

Avon Books
January 1985
ISBN 380-89517

Ballantine Books
 ISBN 345-41405
June 1997
5th printing


  1. Scott - I think I like the second cover much better.

  2. As a former Seattle resident, I'm with Margot: I like the cover that reminds me of the place. (now that I've noticed it, I spot that top r-h lady instantly now!)