Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ghost War by Mack Maloney

He Is The Last Hope Of A Ravaged America!

The Spirit Of Freedom
The chilling nightmare of nuclear holocaust has reduced the U.S. to a war blackened wasteland of radioactive rubble. But from the ashes of a once great land, a fearless, top gun fighter pilot has risen to take to the skies. He is Hawk Hunter, known to the enemies of freedom as "Wingman", and he has sworn to restore America to her former glory, at the risk of his own liberty and life! The diabolical forces of the Asian Mercenary Cult have been defeated. For the first time in years, America is free of foreign tyranny. But the threat is not over. The tattered remains of the evil army have now sailed west and turned their guns towards the vulnerable people of Southeast Asia, were liberty and democracy are still struggling to survive. Answering a distress call from a country about to be crushed under the heels of an oppression worse than long gone Communism Hawk Hunter and his allies amass the First American Expeditionary Air Fleet and fly half away around the world to fight a fierce battle to the death. And to strike one final, bloody blow for a forgotten dream called freedom!

Wingman #11

Printing History
written by Brian Kelleher
copyright 1993

Kensington Publishing Corp
Zebra Books
ISBN 8217 3773
July 1993

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