Monday, January 27, 2014

Lethal In Love (Revised) by Carter Brown

Murder was a fine art with the blonde a perfect model......

  Martin Stevens and his director have a slight problem. They are in Cannes to publicize their latest movie Desire Burns Brightly. Their star, Sheilah Jones, will not play ball. So they go off and find another another lady by the name of Liz Peters. The story goes that Liz will dye her hair to look like Sheilah to pose for the publicity photos. Sheilah is sent off to a peaceful chateau a hundred miles away. Soon a Hollywood gossip writer shows up by the name of Carol Verne and she knows Martin. She is in Cannes to do a feature article for Film Digest. She wants to do a bikini shot of Sheilah. The plot thickens when Martin and his boss, the director, bring in a racketeer by the name of Frankie Cyrano. Frankie is to make sure Sheilah stays at the chateau, in other words she is kidnapped. To make a long story short, the stunts works perfectly up until the murder. They had not bargained for a murder. The movie will get the publicity, but will Martin live to enjoy it?
 Photo by Rita Moreno
      Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Numbered Series  #35 1956
Reprint By Demand #17 1960

as Tahti katoaa kuvasta
Finland 1969

This title is not be confused with the following title of the same name

Novel Series 1953

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  1. Scott - That facial expression on the woman on the Novel Series (1953) cover it certainly lethal-looking!